DailyMail.com: Breastfeeding may not help cut allergies in children after all: Study shows bottle-fed babies are equally

200 children were tested for common conditions like asthma and hayfever

  • Researchers found breastfeeding conferred no special advantage
  • University of Chicago study contradicts previous research


PUBLISHED: 20:37 EST, 4 November 2015 UPDATED: 02:14 EST, 5 November 2015

Breast may not be best when it comes to preventing allergies, according to doctors.

A study of almost 200 children found that those who were breastfed as babies were just as likely to have hay-fever as those who were bottle fed.

Nor did rates of asthma, eczema and food allergies differ between the two groups.

The findings, released at a medical conference in the US, contradict previous research, including a study cited by Unicef which found breastfed babies had a lower risk of five different allergies.

Conventional wisdom? Researchers from the University of Chicago Medicine hospital found that, of 200 children, those who were breastfed had no special resistance to a host of common ailments (photos posed by models)

And the National Childbirth Trust says breastfeeding offers protection against asthma and wheeziness when allergies run in the family.

The researchers, from the University of Chicago Medicine hospital, said larger studies are needed to confirm their results and new mothers should continue to breastfeed.

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